Concerns about the academic excellence of students are increasing globally. Poor academic performances of students increase the concerns of administrators and parents. Lack of motivation causes a lack of academic performance. So, educationist shows great interest to motivate students for improving their performance. Motivation can affect the behaviours, will, preferences, and outcomes of students. Motivation minimises the distractions of students and increases their interest in the task. Motivation influences the perception of students about the different tasks. Motivation also urges students to complete their tasks. According to experts of a cheap dissertation writing service, motivation has a significant impact on student's performance and their outcomes. So, it is important to understand the factors that affect their motivation.

Surroundings Of The Students:

Students Academic Work

Environment affects the mindset and behaviour of students. Students who live in different geographical surroundings motivate differently. For example, students of the US and Afghanistan may motivate by the environment. Their motivational forces may differ from one another. So, the environment of students is an important factor to increase their motivation.

Bond with Parents and Teachers:

Students bonding with teachers and parents are very important. Parents need to understand the personality of their children. They also know their wants and needs. By giving personal attention and intimacy, parents increase their motivation. Teachers also boost their confidence by creating strong bonds with them. Teachers can create a harmonious relationship by building a personal relationship with them.

Interest and Capabilities

Understanding the interest and capabilities of students is a significant factor of motivation. If we push them to work on interesting areas, they feel motivated. Their interest enables them to present real talent. They don't feel any boredom and complete the task with a full heart. But, unfortunately, students do what their parents want. This may cause a lack of interest and performance of students. So it's important to understand the capabilities of students and focus on them.

Teacher's Attitude

Teachers' attitudes have a significant impact on students' performance. By showing a good gesture, teachers increase the motivation of students. If the teacher is kind and polite, students enjoy their class. The optimistic teacher also creates the visions of students. He/she also motivates them to stick with the vision. The teacher shows them a humble attitude that students want to idealise. Teachers with negative attitudes demotivate students. They may start disliking the subject. Humiliating language or harsh words may also affect the students. So, teachers' attitude is an important factor for motivating students. Teachers need to realise the importance of their attitude towards students.

Teacher's Attitude

Methods of Teaching

Recommended by a coursework help firm, teachers may use different methods of teaching to boost students' motivation. This variation may prevent students from getting bored. Students have different personalities, interests, and backgrounds. Teachers may overcome this gap by bridging this barrier. The competition also increases motivation. Teachers may increase the motivation by making different groups in the class. Teachers also use different extracurricular activities to increase motivation. Teachers may conduct quizzes, give assignments, and welcome discussions. Teachers may also help with student's needs that may not answer in the class. If teachers stick with the traditional methods, students may lose their motivation. So, teachers need to realise the significance of methods of teaching. Otherwise, it affects the performance of students.

Family Problems

Students learn a lot of things from home. If the environment of the home is not good, it may affect the students' performance. Family conflicts and disputes may cause poor performance of students. Students living with their parents perform better than others. Good family relation increases the trust and confidence of students. Students remain safe from bad habits and company. Proper care from parents makes students healthy and sound minds. These factors increase the performance of students. If students face family disputes, they affect student's performance. Divorce of parents or living away from parents also affects the performance. Family disputes may cause depression to students. Students may not concentrate in class. They may feel uncomfortable and under confidence with other students. These disputes also lead them to join the bad company or adopt bad habits. Personal support from the teacher has significant importance in this case. Family problems impact the motivation of the students; they must be resolve.

Company of the Student:

Group of the people or friends of the students made his company. Company is also an intriguing factor of motivation. Students learn different habits and attitudes from the company. The company also plays a crucial role in developing the personality of the students. Students take a lot of motivation from their peers. Competent peers increase the motivation of students. Students may perform well and want to do something good like their peers. Bad company affects the performance of the students. They affect the performance and the moral values of society. Conflict with peers also increases the stress level. Students feel less confident with the company of their friends. Bullying by peers may lead to a quarrel between them. It's important to understand the significance of students' company. Parents need to keep an eye on kids' company. If the company doesn't motivate, it harms the kids' performance.


Evaluation is one of the key factors of motivation. Mark sheets and other evaluating comments affect the motivation of students. Positive comments may boost the confidence of students. Students may lose heart because of fewer marks. Therefore, it is important to understand the behaviour of students. Assess them with a positive attitude. If students are not performing well, motivate them with good words. Motivate them to work hard next time. By using a good manner, we may motivate students by using their bad scores.

Motivation of students


Motivation is a significant factor for influencing academic performance. Parents and teachers are the centre bodies for increasing students' motivation. They increase their motivation by providing a pleasant environment around them. They help students to do what attracts them. They become their role model to increase their performances. They also keep an eye on their company and its matters. Parents also create a strong bond that raises students' confidence and motivation. By this excellent bonding, they motivate students enough to increase their academic performance.