Impacts of Sleep Deprivation On Students' Health And Performance: A Research Paper

The loss of sleep has become a common problem in our society and it is affecting our lives in various ways. When a person gets less sleep that is necessary for him to keep himself alert and active for the whole day, this is known as sleep deprivation. Some essential symptoms of sleep deprivation are yawning, moodiness, fatigue, forgetfulness and lack of motivation etc. If you are a student, it is necessary for you to get plenty of sleep. Its reason is that due to sleep deprivation, you will never be able to pay full attention in the classroom activities. Some essential impacts of sleep deprivation on students’ health and performance are explained below;

1) Sleep deprivation dumb you down

Sleep plays a critical role in thinking and learning abilities of the students. If you are facing sleep deprivation issues, it will hurt your cognitive abilities in various ways. First of all, sleep deprivation impairs attention and concentration of the students. As a result, students will not be able to solve different kinds of problems by taking part in an effective teaching-learning process. Secondly, various sleep cycles occur that play a vital role in consolidating the memories in our mind. As a student, if you are facing sleep deprivation issues, you will not be able to learn and memorize what you have learned during the day.

2) Sleep deprivation can lead to various health issues

Along with the impacts of sleep deprivation on the learning and thinking abilities of the students, we will also observe some serious issues of sleep deprivation on our health. According to research, more than 90% of people who are facing sleep deprivation issues can fall into different kinds of diseases. Some essential kinds of risks that students have to face due to the sleep deprivation are heart diseases, heart attacks, heart failure, irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure etc. 

3) Sleepiness is depressing

It is also a fact that sleep deprivation can also become a cause of some depression issues. According to research, most of the people who were facing depression and anxiety issues in America were those who were not able to complete at least six hours sleep in the night. Its reason is that one of the most common sleep disorder that is known as insomnia is strongly linked with depression. Another research has also shown that insomnia is one of the major causes of depression for the people. Anyhow, if a person is trying to overcome sleep deprivation issues, it is possible for him to treat with problems of depression. 

4) Sleep deprivation can also make you forgetful

If you want to become a successful student, it is necessary for you to keep your memory sharp. The results of the research have also shown that if a person is facing sleep deprivation issues, there is also a possibility that he will not be able to the different things accurately. For this reason, French and American researchers have conducted research. According to the results of this research, there are sharp-wave ripples in our mind and these sharp-wave ripples are consolidated with our memory. These sharp-wave ripples become the cause of storing long term memories. It is also known that these sharp-wave ripples occur only during the deepest levels of sleep. 

5) Sleep loss impairs judgment

During our academic career, it is also necessary for us to judge different things. For example, if we are asked to write an academic paper, it is necessary for us to read data from different resources and try to judge which data is the most reliable and authentic to include in our academic paper. Due to sleep deprivation, the judgment level of the students will also be affected. It means that they will not be able to write an academic paper by paying full attention. 

6) Losing weight can make you gain weight

The results of the research show that the people who are spending less than six hours in enjoying sound sleep get more chances of obesity than those people who are spending eight to nine hours in enjoying the sound sleep. Its reason is that if you are snoozing, you are losing. On the other hand, if you are facing sleep deprivation issues, it means that you are increasing your hunger and appetite. As a result, your chances to get obesity will be increased. That’s why the researchers are also considering that they should include an appropriate level of sleep in the weight loss programs. 

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