Problems in British Education Require Political Solution

To provide education to the whole nation is the fundamental function of a government. To provide education to residents is not beneficial for individuals but it is equally beneficial for the whole nation. Its reason is that without a well-educated workforce, it is almost impossible for a country to properly sustain the economy. Education is also necessary for technological advancements. No doubt, the UK education system is one of the most effective education systems in the world but it is still facing some problems. Here, we will discuss major problems in the British education system and their political solutions ,by the experts of assignment writing help UK

1) Money

The British education system is facing lots of problems but money is the biggest problem. During last year, more than 4,000 teachers had written letters to their parents that our school system doesn’t have enough funds to run schools effectively. Its main reason is that after handing over funds to schools, the government has altered all of these funds. This situation of lack of funds will adversely affect students who are living in poorer areas than students who are living in well-off parts. Therefore, schools are not able to afford some major expenditures of students like free after school activities and free breakfast etc. Under such a situation, these expenditures have to bear the parents. This situation clearly shows that the students of poorer families are not able to get such education which the students of wealthier families can get. Moreover, according to results of research, the students who are enjoying a better lifestyle and eating a well-balanced diet are able to show better academic performance than students who are not enjoying a better lifestyle and eating a well-balanced diet. The only solution to this problem is to contact with political leadership. The political leadership can increase funds of schools by passing a bill from the cabinet. 

2) Curriculum management

Due to stretched budgets, the government has given freedom to schools to set their own curriculum. Schools can also prioritize what they can teach. Due to this freedom, most schools are teaching the outdated curriculum to their students. It means that they are not covering modern issues. This freedom has also given hit to sex education. This improper content management is creating lots of pressing problems too. This problem of curriculum management has also a political solution. The government should prepare a committee which consists of highly educated and subject specialist members. These highly educated and subject specialists should manage the school curriculum

3) Mental health

In recent years, we can see that the education system has been changed. This changed education system is putting more focus on exams. Most experts have given their arguments in favour of this education system but the results of this education system are showing us a totally new story. This kind of education system is creating lots of problems for GCSEs students. Due to these problems, these students are facing lots of stress issues. It is also observed that if we don’t work for the improvement of this education system, it will become a cause of some severe stress issues. The only solution to this problem is that the government should change this education system. 

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