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This article will tell you about some simple tips to plan you dissertation. It includes that how should your dissertation look, the process of selecting topic for research, developing a research question. Your dissertation is a lengthy text to communicate the ideas that you have about a topic and interpreting the result of research that you conduct for the chosen topic. At some point, every dissertation writer is required to do almost same things like;
  • Write down a question that your research is intend to answer
  • Study previous literature of the same topic on which you are conducting research
  • Think new things in regard of topic and research to make a unique factor to differentiate your work from other’
  • Elaborate the method that you used to conduct your research and find results
  • Presentation of your research in front of a supervisory committee is necessary to get approved that your work is done as required. So present your findings clearly and demonstrate how they relate to your original question

Choose a Topic for Your Dissertation:
It is a pre writing and research process to find a topic from your field of study to conduct research. Most of the time students are suggested to select a unique topic, a topic that has never been researched before or if have researched then do have much potential for further research. This stage can also be called as ideas generation for dissertation writing. Here you not only have to choose a unique topic but with other consideration as well. Choosing a topic of your interest will make it easy to write more and you can enjoy the process of study and writing. For this purpose you think for;
  • A thing that you have already a deep interest
  • Gather information from your own written notes to get an idea for selecting topic
  • Find an idea from current news and updates by media
  • And choosing a topic that you mostly opposed of will also be an interesting thing to study
  • A topic of controversies can also be a good way to find a result to generate a set of new knowledge
  • Discussing your ideas with friends and teachers will also give you more and interesting topic to explore

Developing a Research Question:
There is a big difference in the statement of your chosen topic and a research question. Most of the students are unable to differentiate these two things. For them, there are dissertation writing service providers available. First of it must be written in a phrase that can be answered in a specific and focused way. There are different ways to write a research question for your research topic. Some of them are here;
  • Study the relevant literature to your topic where you will find some gaps or limits of research that you can aim for your study to answer
  • If your topic is broad and cover so many things simultaneously then think only one aspect to answer
  • But if your topic is as narrow that is enough to write for a dissertation then relate some other relevant topics to find an appropriate and interesting result

Always keep it in mind that this initially defined question would not be sufficient you may also need to redefine it on some point. A discussion with your supervisor can also lead to a change in the statement of your research question.

Presentation of Your Dissertation:
Mostly a student requires presenting two times in the process of dissertation writing. First it can be defending his chosen topic in front of supervisory committee with logics and facts. And you may also require presenting your work after the completion of your dissertation to answer the question of supervisory committee. Where, you have to prove that your written work is done by you and it fulfils all the requirements those were required by your department.
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